White Adriatic Fig

Autumn - 3/3/16
The very first Fig I've ever grown!
And it tasted exactly as it should - absolutely delicious!
Also the one and only Fig on my one year old Fig tree.
Variety - White Adriatic.
I kept it protected from fruit fly and other critters with a pest exclusion bag I made from net curtaining.
I think the tree I have is not a dwarf variety (I can't remember where I bought it from).
But apparently they grow quite well in pots and don't mind hard pruning.
Winter is pruning time.
I'd love to grow a few other varieties but I am running out of space.
Product Description
This fig is another one of David Arnold’s
(I'm not quite sure who this is) recommendations, the White Adriatic fig is the one, he says, that impresses people the most. Sometimes called the strawberry jam fig, in reference to its sweet jelly like red flesh, excellent flavour and flesh quality, a curiosity with this variety is that the early crop on the tree tends to be fruit with light coloured skin, and the later crop is more dark blushed, trees have very large leaves
Home, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


Apple - Beauty of Bath

1 single solitary apple from the 1 year old Dwarf Beauty of Bath.
I wasn't really expecting much more.
A top and bottom view.
No fruit fly and no coddling moth.
The flavour was good - a nice tartness,
but it was very floury.
Yates tell me this is because it was picked too early.
I didn't actually pick it - it fell off the tree.
I'll feed it up good and proper so next year it gives me lots of lovely crisp apples.


Rose - Eyes For You

Rose - Eyes for You
This is such a lovely looking plant.
And the healthiest and most prolific of all the roses I grow in containers.
No sign of blackspot or powdery mildew.
I have it in a pot by the front door and it is such a pleasure passing by it as I go in and out during the day.


Leucospurmum glabrum x tottum - Carnival Red

I see big humungous bushes of these around town and they look absolutely spectacular.
I planted 2 plants last summer and now I have one single solitary flower - and I'm sure that one little flower has brought me as much joy as a field full of them.
It's an extraordinary creation and once again I am filled with wonder and awe at miraculous mother nature.
I wonder how many I will get next year.


Lapins Cherry

This is my first spring with this little Cherry tree I have growing in a container.
I am so excited to see blossoms on it.
I have counted 15 little flowers.
I've never grown a Cherry tree before so I am excited to see how it comes along.
It never ceases to amaze me that these little flowers go through such an unbelievable transformation and develop into juicy, delicious fruits.
Everyday miracles at every turn!

Photo - 24 September, 2015